Welcome to the web-site designed especially for the "more mature" rider. (Although, hopefully, younger riders will enjoy it and benefit from it too). It was written by a "more mature" rider (okay, "an old bloke"!) to present an "old bloke's" view  the world of  motorcycling.

So how old is this old bloke? Well, I can't tell you - because it keeps on changing! I can say that when I began this website I was into my 50s - not old by my reckoning, exactly, but looked on as "old" by younger members of the motorcycling fraternity; and much of the media. And now I am well into my years as "an old-age-pensioner." (I'm not really as doddery as the picture on the left suggests though; that's just my attempt at self-deprecating humour!).
There are three main sections to the site; "General", "Bikes" and "Happenings." All the main articles are in  these sections.
But, as you'll see from the buttons on the side, there's more! There's a "Me And My Bike" section where you can tell us about your bike. Also a "Readers' Rides" section where you can tell us about your adventures and any interesting rides - and read those of other readers, of course.

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"General" has articles on various things; like bikes in general, and particular categories of bikes, places of interest and so on. There are also some "words of wisdom" on various subjects. Well, I'm no motorcycling guru, but you don't get to be an old bloke on a bike unless you possess a certain amount of wisdom!

"Bikes" gives you my impressions of bikes I've ridden. They're impressions from an old bloke's point of view - where comfort to ride is more important than lap-times around a racing circuit! Although other features, like performance and handling, are important too!

"Happenings" describes certain experiences - like rides I've been on, or just things that have happened to me - that have resulted in some insight gained, or just general impressions. Maybe you'll get something out of these too. Some are humorous anecdotes, so you might get a laugh as well!
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NOTE: Designed to be easily viewed at 1024 X 768, (or similar) screen size. Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may give a slightly different appearance - the main thing being larger gaps between blocks of text. Otherwise you shouldn't notice any difference. At this stage it is not suitable for viewing on mobile phones or tablets.
P.S. Not Just For "Blokes"! There's a lot of mention of "blokes" in the articles, but the site is certainly not for men only! The site is intended for all people, male and female, old and young. So if you are a "more mature" female, when I say "old bloke" you can read that as applying to you too. (It might read a bit "blokey" but my own view is really very non-sexist!).
This page just tells you a little bit more about who wrote all this.
In this section you'll read about the bikes that our readers own; as they tell the story of their bike in their own words. All bikes are interesting aren't they? And here you'll find a great variety.
In this section you can read about where readers have been on their bikes. Whether it's a fun cruise on a Sunday afternoon, a tour around Australia, or an overseas biking adventure, you'll read about them all here!
Once you've finished reading the latest on this site, you might like to check out some of these other sites. Lots of good sites providing goods, services and information. All ones I recommend!
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From the start of 2021 the way the website operates has changed. Major articles and road-tests etc will still be posted here, but my Blog, and other news updates, as well as general items of interest, will be posted to "The Old Bloke" Facebook page. It's a sign of the times, really: Blogs and news updates tend to happen on social media - and Facebook in particular. The Facebook page existed long before we made this change, but it has now become the main centre of operation.

However this website remains as a ready reference for all the road-tests and articles that are here. Future tests and stories etc will, as I said, still be posted here, but the links will also appear on the Facebook page. So Facebook is the place for the day-to-day stuff, as well as being the main front access to the major items.
Read about the changes, as well as a look back at what inspired me to start the website; and some highlights, and "lowlights", along the way.
I finished doing a Blog at the end of 2020. Everything that would normally be posted here was then posted on my The Old Bloke Facebook page. But then, at the end of 2021 I had an idea. What I decided to do, was to do an emailed type Blog. Everyone on the email list will receive an email with a PDF file attached which is basically a new form of this Blog. I've called this "Riding With The Old Bloke." As I said, this will be emailed out to those on our maling-list, but the latest copy, and past copies, can be found here.