The 24th of April 2017, marked 50 years since I got my driver’s licence. Yes, that makes me a definite “old bloke”, ancient, a contemporary of the dinosaur almost. But it was the 24th April 1967 when I was handed my driver’s licence and plastic white and red P-plate.
I didn’t go for my motorcycle licence for quite a few years after that – I was more into cars, although still very interested in bikes too! Anything with an engine and wheels really.
The experiences of my early days of learning to drive have a couple of interesting aspects to it, so I wrote a story about it. Now, I initially wrote the story for my car club’s magazine (of which I am the Editor), but I think you'll enjoy reading it too.
You can read about me driving around public roads when I was just 15; and if you can visualise the scene in the police station that will give you a chuckle. Click here for the story.
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