I just read with great interest the story of how Dave came to own his new Ducati 899, and saw in that a resemblance to what has been happening in my life these last few months before Christmas. You see I developed Ulcerative Colitis where your immune system attacks your small intestine and for almost three months all I did was bleed out my bottom. I lost over 22kg while waiting to go to hospital and by the time I got to hospital – in an ambulance –the doctors
said I would maybe not have lasted that night or the next!
Anyway, I ended up out of hospital after a few weeks with a new lease on life and decided to realise my 20 year dream of owning a Ducati Monster. I had been waiting until my 50th birthday in December 2017, but thought bugger it, I'm doing it now!
So I ended up finding a 2003 Ducati Monster S4R in black (didn't want a red one cause everyone has one, like belly-buttons!) with only 15,055klm, for $7,500 which I think is a real bargain! The photos here are taken from the For Sale ad.
So now I have my sensible bike (Suzuki GSX1400 for tow duties and touring (see his story on getting that bike), and my ultra fun bike the Monster to carve up the Oxley and Walcha mountain on. So you can see some similarities between both our stories of our new bikes!
The Old Bloke's Comment:
I think I’d be hoping I never get another bike, Anthony! Seems to always happen after a nasty episode that lands you in hospital!
On the positive side, I have to say that the S4R is the most impressive Monster I’ve ridden! I just can’t get to like Ducati’s Monster range - except that one! Now, it was actually the “S” model that I rode back in 2008, but that is the same as Anthony’s except for the trick Ohlins suspension and a bit of bling. Everything else is the same. So I reckon he got the best Monster ever made (well, apart from that S perhaps), at a bargain price. Well done, Anthony!
But please, don’t buy another bike – I wouldn’t like to hear about you being in some emergency ward in hospital again!
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