Geoff has been on a few overseas motorcycle trips, including a trip to the Andes, and a tour around Turkey. Well, he's been off overseas again, this time to a somewhat unlikely place - Iceland! Ferris Wheels added Iceland to their choice of overseas tours, and that attracted Geoff.
"Why would anyone want to ride in Iceland?", you might be wondering. Well this is what Ferris Wheels have to say about Iceland as a touring destination:
"Take all the glaciers of NZ, the mountains of the Alps, the geysers of Yellowstone, the fjords of Norway; add in better seafood than Tasmania and better lamb than New Zealand, throw it all on a rock in the middle of nowhere and take away all the people. Iceland; way cool." Sounds good suddenly, doesn't it! Read Geoff's story of his ride: just click on the link below.

I should mention that the photos lost a bit of quality somewhere in the process of transferring them from one version of Word to another, then converting it to a PDF file for the web-site. But you can still see the incredible scenes they show. And the story is great!

Thanks Geoff!

Inspiring Iceland. 
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