I bought the 2002 750 MV Agusta F4 in 2004 with only 4000 k's on the clock. I found that after 15 years of ownership of my MKIV Guzzi Le Mans I was riding it too close to it's limit too often and needed a bike that I could never ride to it's limit. I have ridden Fireblades, R1s etc but wanted something Italian and sporty and a bit different. (i.e. not a Ducati). I still have the Le Mans which I mostly use now for longer distance touring.
I test rode the 1000 F4 but it was too much of a beast, I wanted something easier to ride and I find that the 750 is a "sweeter" bike. It took me about 6 months to get the hang of the MV. 
Mark wrote in response to the story of Barry’s MV Agusta. He said that he has owned a MV 750 F4 2002 from almost new. Here he tells his story of the bike.
At first it felt twitchy, you just had to think about leaning it and over it went a bit too fast and far for comfort, but I got used to it and it is without a doubt the best handling bike I have ever ridden.
In the pic it has a rack, I bought a damaged seat which I fitted the rack to and when I want to tour I just swap the seat. I made my own riser bars which have the clutch and brake master cylinders remotely mounted and operated by cable via Magura levers. This allows me adjustment as to where I want the bars and the levers. The original bars had no adjustment at all and were way too low and forward and the levers level where as I like my levers facing downwards about 45 degrees.
The MV really is a work of art and when I'm too old to ride it I plan to keep it in the lounge room as an ornament (if my wife will let me!).

Thanks for the story, Mark. It’s a fabulous looking bike! Mark has a web-page – which he says is a bit old now and he will up-date one day – detailing some of the bike she has owned in the past. It’s a fascinating look at some fascinating bikes. Check it out!
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