Barry has had quite a few bikes over the years, but for about the last 50 years there was one bike that he has been dreaming of owning; an MV Agusta. Finally, in mid 2010, he was able to realise this long-held dream and he bought his brand new Italian beauty. The deal was done, and he went to the showroom to take delivery of his dream-machine. Then he headed off on the short journey to his home. And that's when it all went wrong.....! Tell us about it, Barry.
After being let down by my "around Oz" mate, I decided to trade my Bandit on my lifelong toy, an M.V. Agusta. Upon taking delivery of the bike, I managed to fall over within 0.9 kms! I was within metres of my unit and pinned underneath it. I sustained 4 broken bones in the foot. I live in a retirement village, thus some of the residents had trouble picking me up. But apart from six weeks in a cast, I have now been hit with a bill for $234.80 for a front brake leaver! No, there is no gold and no diamonds in the lever, and M.V. have not replied to my email querying the cost. The dealer says, "That is what M.V. charge". So be warned!
Apart from 4 badly broken bones in my right foot, a broken front brake lever and some scratches to the fairing,  and a large dent in my cheque book over ten weeks ago, there is now this case of "Rip off" –  $234.80 for a brake lever, just the lever!
Paint job on the fairing = $500.01. (Where did the 0.01cent come from?). Plus labour = $49.50. I have sent an email to Italy and still await their reply. I have contacted Moto Arena Gold Coast and was told that is the amount M.V. Agusta charge. So it doesn’t seem there is much I can do about it.
I found that the left-hand indicators do not work but “the mechanic will fix same”. That was 12 days ago. This machine has covered 17klms.
My son agrees that the machine's performance is excellent, but says it is most uncomfortable. I have wanted one since 1956, but now I am not impressed with M.V. Agusta's service.

A sad story! Well, a good story to see someone finally getting a bike they have dreamed of owning for so long, but sad what happened next! Dropping our pride and joy is something that probably most of us have done (I have!), but having it happen to such a lovely bike less than 1km from the dealer is a terrible thought! And then the double-whammy of the ridiculous price for the lever. I hope it all comes good Barry, and you enjoy great times on the new bike. Let us know how the next chapter in the story goes! 

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