Okay, here are my reviews on bikes that I've ridden. The bikes that I've listed below were ridden as current models; by that I mean they were current at the time I rode them. I've put the year when I tested them (or where more appropriate, the year model) in the brief comment beside each button below. Where I've later re-tested the bike in up-dated form I've added a button that will take you to the up-dated test. Where it's been a more brief review, I've added the review to the bottom of the original report; and added the year I did the review to the listing below. In other cases where the bike has been up-dated, I've added an "Up-Date" to the report, listing what changes have been made, to keep them reasonably current. (And that's listed here too). Bear in mind too, that while some bikes change almost each year, others remain unchanged for several years.  
If you go to the "MORE .. A Lot More!" section you'll find brief comments on hundreds of different bikes. (Well maybe not "hundreds" exactly, but a lot anyway!). The bikes in that section are all from years gone by - bikes from just a few years ago to over 30 years ago! Road bikes, trail-bikes, all different sorts of bikes. Quite a few are bikes I've owned, so I could have written very extensive reviews, but I've limited my comments to fairly brief summaries. Some I've ridden over a reasonable distance, while some I've only ridden briefly; but all have left an impression. So if you're looking for a 2nd-hand bike (and especially if you're an old bloke like me!), this could be a good resource to check out. The bikes are all listed in alphabetical order. This section will be added to as I ride more bikes too.
Now, even the more detailed reports below aren't all done in the same manner as you'd get in the bike magazines. Some might more accurately be described as "road impressions" gained from what were fairly short rides. Others, however, are more complete Road Tests performed over fairly long rides.
The tests probably aren't as totally objective as the magazines either. They're a bit subjective in the sense that they are as seen through the eyes of "an old bloke". And when I ride them, I tell 'em like I find 'em! Hopefully though, that might make them even more relevant and helpful than the usual magazine tests. If you're reading this, you're probably past the stage where your ideal bike is a balls-out sportster that'll do the quickest time around a race-circuit. And so the road tests are done from this sort of point of view. As you get older, you realise what is more important on a bike, and what makes it a more liveable proposition.
There are two main sections in each test; "In The Driveway", which is a general description of the bike, and "On The Road", which tells my impressions on riding it. Down towards the bottom is another section called "Snapshot", which is a very brief summary of what I thought of it - just in case you don't want to read the whole review! Oh, and just in case you haven't already worked it out, they are listed in alphabetical order.
I take the littlest "Italian stallion" for a spin. 2004. Replaced by the 695.
Is this the perfect "old blokes" bike? 2005. Up-date 2007.
Everyone should ride a Harley - at least once! 2003.  Up-date 2009. Update 2011. 2015.
Is it as good as they say? 2004. Discontinued.
If you need a learner-legal 250, you could do a lot worse. 2004. Up-date ("Ninja") 2009. Replaced by Ninja 300.
Brief comments on a whole heap of bikes - from BMW to Yamaha; and a lot in between. Special pages for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.
Coming from a background in trailies, I should have liked this one. 2003. Up-date 2010, 2013. Discontinued.
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The Old Bloke goes motocrossing? 2005. Discontinued.
The littlest "Beemer". Is it a "fun - duro"? 2006. Up-date 2010. Up-date 2013. Now called G650GS but still very similar. 2016.
When is a Harley not a Harley? When it's a Buell! 2006. Discontinued.
Does the "S" stand for "Sensible"? It should! 2006.
Street-legal supermotos are supposed to be fun; aren't they? 2006. Discontinued.
The Duke of Sports-Touring. 2007.  Discontinued.
Does "VFR" stand for Very Fine Ride? It could do! 2007. Up-date 2010. Up-date 2013. Update 2015.
British sports-touring. I ride this popular bike! 2007.
A mid-size sports-tourer born of R6 mechanicals. 2007.
Easy-rider meets sports-tourer! 2007. Reviewed 2008. Up-date 2010, 2013. Discontinued.
A comparison of some of my favourite bikes in this category. 2007.
The Old Bloke goes cruising!  2007.  Up-date 2010, 2011. Up-date (with a reader's comments) 2014.
Is it "Korean Krap" or "Korean Kwality"? I ride one to find out. 2007.  Update 2009, 2013, 2016, 2017.
Just like in the 1970s - or maybe not!  2007.
The "littlest Italian stallion" is now a bit bigger! 2007. Replaced by the 696.
An R1 for old blokes?  2008. Up-date 2010. Up-date 2012. 2015.
I take this popular mid-size dual-purpose bike for a test-ride. 2008. Up-date 2010, 2012, 2015.
I ride a couple of the big Sportsters. One was okay, but the other..?  2008. Update 2011. 2015.
A big brawny muscle bike? Or mild-mannered commuter? You might be surprised! 2008. Up-date 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015. Discontinued in Australia. .New cafe-racer style sold in some overseas markets, but not here.
The top-shelf Monster, with the Superbike engine. 2008. Discontinued.
The Duke's version of "Multi-Purpose". 2008. Replaced by the 1200.
A famous Italian sports-bike returns. And I try it out! 2008. Up-date 2010. No longer available.
The Naked model. Up-date 2010, 2013. Discontinued.
A great-looking mid-size sports-tourer; for just under $10,000!  2008. Up-date 2010, 2011. 2015.
Sports-touring - the "super-size" way! 2008. Up-date 2010, 2013, 2015.
Is it all just style, or is it really a different breed of "Hog"? I find out! 2008. Update 2011, 2014.
The same - but different! Up-date 2010, 2013, 2015.
No road-tests, but a general over-view of scooters; what's around, some general specs etc. 2008.
Is this the bike to live the Ulysses motto?  2009. Up-date 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018.
Another look at the popular Brit. Up-date 2010. Replaced by GT.
Kawasaki's mid-size sportstourer. 2009. Up-date 2011. (Replaced by Ninja 650RL).
I put 8 popular mid-sizers to the test. And also look at how they do as practical all-round bikes. 2009.
Suzuki's big bad muscle-bike ... well, not so "bad" actually!   2009. Discontinued.
Yes, Jim, it is a Harley, but not as we know them!   2009. Discontinued.
The Old Bloke takes a look at the Big-Bore Nakeds, and tries to pick a winner. 2009.
The Old Bloke checks out the old-style Triumph. 2009. Up-date 2013, 2014. Replaced by T120.
Up-date 2012. Replaced by Sport.
Big-bore and naked - the Bavarian way.  2009. Up-date 2013, 2015.
The naked version of BMW's "mid-size" twin. And I reckon it's a bargain! 2009. Update 2011. 2013. 2015.
I reckon it's a Ducati for old blokes! Discontinued.
The biggest Monster there is. But is bigger better?  2010. Update 2013. Replaced by Monster 1200.
I try Yamaha's mid-range V-Star 1100. (Plus a bit of general stuff on cruisers too). 2010. Up-date 2012. Discontinued.
An up-date; with some different bikes as well.
The Old Bloke's first test of a scooter. See what I thought of this classic-styled commuter. 2010. Up-date 2013, 2016, 2017.
The dealer thought I might like this - and he was right! 2010. Up-date 2013, 2016, 2017.
Honda's top-selling retro naked; and I reckon it's remarkably good!  2010. Update 2013, 2016, 2017.
The littlest Duke gets an extra 1cc - but there's a lot more difference than that! 2010. Up-date 2013. Discontinued.
I try Triumph's sportster. See if I reckon it deserved all those awards and accolades. 2011. Up-date 2013, 2016, 2017
Triumph took the ST and re-engineered it with more of a touring emphasis. 2011. Up-date 2015. Discontinued.
A tough image that actually works better than I expected. 2011.  Update 2015.
More than just another 100cc, this is a whole new bike. Actually it's kind of 4 new bikes! 2011. Update 2013, 2015.
Triumph's new Tiger is smaller, but even more versatile than it's big brother. 2011. Up-date 2015.
Yamaha's softer, more usable, mid-size bike. Just like they used to make 'em. Well, almost. 2011. Up-date 2013. Discontinued.
The Old Bloke tries Yamaha's top-of-the-range scoot. 2011. Up-date 2013, 2017.
Down in the boondocks this would be a good thing; but what's it like on-road? 2011. Up-date 2015.
I go for a run on BMW's most powerful K-series. 2011.  Update 2015.
BMW's mid-size adventure-bike. And why is it called a "650"?  2011. Up-date 2013, 2014.  Now called the  F800GS.
Kawasaki's retro-copy of the Bonneville. It looks the goods, but what's it really like! 2012.  Up-date 2015.
Kawasaki enters the 1-litre sportstourer market - and does it well! 2012. Up-date 2014, 2017.
I look at the history and the hype of this big, iconic all-roader. BMW done good with this one! 2012. Update 2013, 2017.
It's great value for money, very practical and easy to ride, but the engine is too big. 2012. Update (NC750) 2014.
I have a look at the top-selling cruiser on the market. 2013. Update 2016, 2017.
The new mid-size bike could be the perfect answer for those stepping up, or down. 2013. Update 2016, 2017.
A reader tells us that this little sporty is much more capable than we might expect. 2013. Update 2016, 2017.
Triumph's revised version of the big Tiger. It's become more sporty! 2013. Update 2016, 2017.
Chopper-styling, metal-flake paint, lots of chrome, it's got the looks! 2013. Update 2014.
Designed for hip young blokes who like bobbers, what does The Old Bloke think of it?  2014.
A mid-size fully-kitted out sportstourer for just under $7,000. A bargain? Yes, but what's it like? 2014.
A road-bike with the heart and soul of a motard. A load of fun, but what's it like for an old bloke? 2014. Update 2017.
BMW celebrates 90 years of making motorcycles with the release of a new roadster. 2014.
LAMS engine. 2014. Update 2018
Harley's new LAMS bike. But it's much more than that! 2015.
Yamaha take the MT-09 and modify it for touring. How did it turn out? The Old Bloke checks it out! 2015.
The original bad-boy triple from Triumph, here in up-specced "R" form. 2015, 2017.
For those who want a bit of American style in their British cruiser. 2015.
My first ride on a Guzzi. This one is a retro, paying homage to an iconic model from the past. 2015. Update 2017.
Blimey it looks just like an old Brit! But what's it like to ride? I rode one to find out. 2016.
I have a ride on the big-banger naked from this iconic Italian manufacturer. It was a fun ride - and a good bike. 2016.
The Old Bloke takes a ride on Aprilia's entry-level road-bike, and is impressed. And a bit sore. Read why! 2016.
Yamaha's retro-styled version of its popular MT-09. 2016.
The smaller-engined version of Yamaha's retro blaster. 2016.
BMW's mid-size sports-tourer - I liked it! 2016.
Ducati goes kind of retro again, and produces a very popular bike. 2016.
I take Ducati's Bad-Boy for a ride. Is it really a devil? 2017.
This is the biggest-selling model in their range - and I liked it! 2017