Another reader, Brian, who is an old friend from back in my trail-riding days, does the big Around Australia trip - or, as he describes it, "A Lap Around The Island."
The trip was done in mid 2009, on his trusty Yamaha FJR1300, with a trailer in tow - as you can see in the photo.
It was a great trip, and they enjoyed their time on the road; with perhaps one exception when a tyre on the trailer blew!
Brian has written an entertaining and concise report of the trip on one of those on-line Blog sites, so I won't try to reproduce it here, just click the link highlighted above and go straight to the article. Oh, just one tip, the page is set out in two columns, so read down the left side to the bottom of the page, then scroll back to the top and read down the right side. Then go on to the next page.
There are some tips here too, especially for travelers intending to cross the Nullabour for the Ulysses Club's AGM, which is to be held in Perth in 2010.

Thanks for the link, Brian. And I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.

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