It's a strange sort of title for the page, I suppose, but let me explain what it is about. As you go through your motorcycling life, certain things happen. It could be a significant ride, or it could be something like buying new riding gear; these are things that happen along your way. And they often leave you with certain impressions. Often they reveal some profound truth that you were ignorant of. Sometimes they are just funny (usually only afterwards!). This page is a collection of those sort of things.
Is your helmet as bad as mine was?
Am I really related to a cat?
An annual charity event that I highly recommend.
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The Old Bloke got caught with this one!
Sometimes it would've been better to have stayed at home!
Australian Motorcycle Week In Tasmania. I was there for the first one.
And probably the scariest! Although you won't believe what it was on!
A great charity event, and some great roads to ride!
We've all done silly things sometimes. Read about some of mine!
Not so much about bikes, as the perils of writing about them! (And me being stupid!)
Another "old bloke" does the big trip! And tells us all about it - a great story!
The Old Bloke discovers the joys of touring! With a few tips, and a bit of humour!
An uneventful ride - but it brought reminders of how scary it can be out there on the roads!
The Old Bloke buys a bike. After a long and confusing process of choice!
An up-date on "Buying A New Bike"; what it's been like to live with.
The Old Bloke organises a Charity Ride. And some riders were never seen again!
The Old Bloke goes down - albeit very gently.
Doing it for charity again. With some tips for anyone considering organising a similar ride.
After owning everything from a motocrosser to an R1, my son-in-law buys a Harley.
I celebrate 50 years of having my driving licence by telling you some of my experiences before I got my licence.