Okay, here are some of those "Words Of Wisdom" - and other more general articles - I mentioned on the first page. As I said, I'm not setting myself up as some all-knowing motorcycle guru, but as I also said, if you ride a motorcycle you don't get to live to be an "old bloke" unless you possess and demonstrate some degree of wisdom and common-sense. So look at these ramblings as the thoughts of someone who has survived over 30 years of riding motorbikes. In that time you get an idea about what works for you as a motorcyclist. Oh, and there are also words of wisdom from some of our readers.
And just enjoy the more general articles for what they are, and the stories they tell!
But it is also aimed at the "more mature" rider. As you get older, different things take priority; and you start to think that maybe these things should be a greater priority for younger riders too. (So that's what I meant on the first page about it being relevant to younger riders, not just "old blokes").
Anyway, I hope that as you read these articles on the various subjects here, you will find them informative, and it might inspire you to think about the subjects too. Read on and see what you think!
Yes, all the things you'd expect, but there's another thing that I really like.
To paraphrase an old song: "To every speed, turn, turn, there is a season.."
No, I'm not talking about the missus! This is making a bike more practical.
It makes the ride more pleasant, and promotes the image of motorcycling.
The advantages of taking it easy.
The good and bad of "Group Therapy"!
Is being bad at it being good at it?
Are these what old blokes should be riding? A myth is busted!
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Clothes might not "maketh the man", but they can sure "protecteth" the man!
The best advice I can give is "CRAP"!
Some tips, and general info you might not know.
How much is enough? How much is too much?
And how it effects our riding. How to be old, keep on riding, and stay alive!
Another fatalaty on a favourite road.
A light-hearted look at going to motor shows. Sydney in this case.
A softer ride for those ageing bones!
Are you an Eleanor or a Marianne?
A look at the classic bike scene - with lots of photos!
How do you make an informed decision on what tyre to buy?
Is there such a thing? Is it different for each of us? Come with me on the search.
Police and Motorcyclists - should we really be natural enemies?
Sales are booming, but are they really motorbikes? See what I reckon - and why!  (Written 2008).
You've seen it in a hundred adds and magazine articles, now read about riding it!
If you're considering buying a bike on-line, here’s what you need to know!
If the motorbike was invented today, would it be approved? A comical look at this scenario.
A reader goes down; and inspires this article which includes your responses too.
Only afford an old bike? That's maybe not so bad, because oldies can be goldies!
Some musings on safety; but with an important point to consider.
A safe and fun place to satisfy your "need for speed"!
Motorcycles don't have spare tyres. Here's how to stop that being a problem.
Everything you wanted to know about riding with a pillion. And more!
Should you use ethanol? What are the problems? This concerns cars and bikes.
These gloves are like a gel-seat for your hands. Stop pickin' up bad vibrations!
All you need to know about getting into - or back into - the world of motorcycling.
An inspiring story of an 85-year-old in poor health who rides around Australia. Go Doug!
Protecting your pride and joy if it fails to remain upright.
A look at the useful, but sometimes unusual, things that people carry on their bike.
Another practical accessory for your bike. And look what it can hold!
Everything you wanted to know - and probably more! - about adjusting your suspension.
Some useful products I've tried and can recommend. Maybe you'll like them too.
I try Draggin Jeans top-shelf C-Evo jeans. The world's first CE-approved riding jean.
Inspired by a reader's comments, I take a look at the how much we spend on riding.
Not just a glossary of terms, this will help you ride safer and better!
A reader thinks through the advantages of riding alone - especially for an introvert.
Readers tell us about their first bike. Lots of interesting machines and stories!
A reader tells us of his "journey to the darkside - using a car tyre on his bike.
I check out Australia's top manufacturer of trikes.
Want to know where to get a good cheap meal? Check here! Almost a travelogue as well!
When that bike gets too big and heavy for us, what can we do? Here are the anserws!
When it comes to motorcylist fatalities, statistics show that, in many cases, we are our own worst enemy!
Feeling patriotic? Here's a look at some good quality gear - from clothes to whole bikes - that are made in Australia.
Today's bikes have so many electronics built in, but what happens if they fail?
A fatality, and a nasty crash, get a reader and The Old Bloke thinking about the risks involved in riding.
All you need to know (well, a lot of info anyway), about riding in the heat - the dangers, how to cope with it etc.
I take a look at the new (introduced from 2013 onwards) Postie Bikes - and take a look back at what preceded them.
A local biker group is all about helping kids - no matter what their problem is.