When he retired, Geoff planned to do an over-seas motorcycle trip. He had always had a fascination with the Andes region, so that was where he decided to go. He signed-up for a trip with the Ferris Wheels organisation and soon he was off on the adventure. What an adventure it was too! He wrote about the trip and sent in the story. Click here to read it.
Well, the travel-bug tends to bite when you do trips like that (a lot of Ferris Wheels' clients are repeat-customers), and so Geoff decided to do another trip with them. This time he chose their "Turkish Treasures" trip for his next adventure.
Now safely home again, he has written a great story of his adventure. And here it is. It's a fabulous story with lots of wonderful scenery and fascinating history.
Geoff sent the story in all complete and set out with pictures etc, so I've just left it as sent in and  converted the story to a PDF file; so you'll need Acrobat Reader (or similar) to read it, but everyone has that now, don't they?
Click here for the story.

Thanks for this Geoff! A fabulous story!
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