“A bloody beauty!”That was how Ian described his Kawasaki ZG1300. He first wrote in to our Questions page asking for advice on a rattle that had developed after an engine strip-down. I was interested to hear more about the bike, because they were an iconic model for Kawasaki; and you don’t see too many around these days. So Ian wrote in with a few details of the bike, and the photo you see below. After seeing the photo I realised there was a lot more to Ian’s bike than I expected!
Here is what Ian had to say about the rig.
What a combination! A 1984 Kawasaki ZG1300, DJP double-sidecar, and Elite camper. And in the photo, my 18 year-old grandson.
This rig has been mine for over a year. It has been stripped and rebuilt; and is the one I mentioned with the rattle whilst changing gears.
Our intention is to go around Oz; anti-clockwise from our home, Tin Can Bay, a bit north of Brisbane Qld. Our plan was to leave around the end of April 2009, after the wet season. However my wife’s crook knee has put it on hold somewhat.
However I will persevere. Fifty years of riding does not a good sidecar outfit rider make, so I will spend my time waiting for the better-half to get better by learning to control the beast.
The Kwaka is a 6 cylinder, 130hp beast, all under control now with new tyres, brake-pads and stainless-steel braided lines. It is fuel-injected; the first year to have that.
It’s really not hard to own such an old bike with the likes of the Kwaka Z1300 web-site having pages of info, and the likes of Kawasaki trained mechanics like Nigel at Isis Bikes at Childers. Not to forget the old bloke’s web-site!
Thanks for the story Ian – and the kind words!
The Kawasaki rig isn’t the only bike he has though. (Well, it’s hardly suitable for that quick trip down to the shops I suppose!). And you can see his other bike here.
As Ian says, the Kawasaki is a far cry from his other ride, which is a Cagiva; seen here about to depart on the “Rumble To The Rock” tour in 2008.

By the way, there hasn't been a solution to the rattle from the Kawasaki's engine / gearbox. But Ian says that it doesn't seem to be getting any worse and for the moment he's just living with it.
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