Ian sent in some photos of his trip from Sydney to Perth. He says he'll write in with the story of the trip when he can, but for now we have a few details, and a few photos.
His bike is a Suzuki  Boulevard C50.
He did the trip in October 2009 to attend the National meeting of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Total distance covered was 8,231km. Quite a journey!
The furthest he did in one day was 1397km, which took him a bit over 17 hours in all (including stops). The shortest run was 319km.
Conditions varied quite a lot. Temperature got to well over 30 degrees; while at other times there was a strong cold wind that chilled him to the bone. Sometimes the weather was clear and fine, other times there was rain. (The photo below / left shows Ian, on the right of the picture, about to leave - in the rain). And no motels, it was strictly camping all the way!
Ian said that the trip gave him plenty of "thinking time" as he traveled the long lonely miles. Reflection for the soul is always good!
It was a great trip, and many of his biking friends (and the old bloke here!) were wishing they were along for the ride - although I told him I wasn't so sure on the camping part! 
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