Once you've read the latest on this site, you might want to visit some others. So here are a few I reckon are worthwhile!
Well, more than that, of course. These are sites that will enable you to get information, buy a new bike, or accessories, join clubs, and a whole lot more. So check them out. I highly recommend all of the sites and organisations.
Bikes for sale, and road tests, and lots of other interesting stuff.
Lots of tips to help you "survive the ride", and other info too.
This is the club for "old blokes". Lots of activities and other benefits. (I've been a member, but not at present).
This one I am also a member of. It is the Christian Motorcyclists Association.
Yes, they're based in Sydney and sell bikes, but they also have an on-line store selling accessories and other consumables.
A good site with lots of useful advice to help you do just that!
A great link to lots of services and various businesses all around Australia.
Probably the most popular on-line site for selling or buying a bike.
Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket. The name says it all. You've seen the adds, and they really do have a good range of gear. Delivery Australia-wide.
These are brilliant! (See my review). And you'd be surprised how many people use them. Even road-testers in the main magazines use them on most test-bikes when they're doing longer rides.
Importers of high-quality accessories. You can check out the gear and then find the closest dealer to buy it from. A very informataive site. Nice people too!
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This is a very clever site where you enter your measurements and see how you fit on a bike; including how easily your feet reach the ground.
Here's an on-line shop that sells parts and accessories. Seems to be some great bargains here.
Victor Drummond is a long-time enthusiast of the Yamaha FJ and XJR series and has established a business dealing in parts for these bikes. Good service and cheap prices.