Mike and Audrey make a good couple. They’ve done a lot of travelling together, and while he has considered trading up to a bigger bike, he says he just can’t bring himself to part with Audrey. But recently a new love has come into his life.
Audrey, I should explain, is an Aprilia Scarabeo 500. Mike told us about it in his story of the bike. The “new love” is another scooter, and another European; a 2008 model Vespa PX200. And he wrote to tell of the longest trip he’s taken it on so far; a trip from his home in Tasmania to a classic scooter rally at Daylesford in Victoria; a round-trip of  over 1,000km; plus a couple of ferry rides! Here is his story.

I am still riding my Scarabeo and have nearly notched up 25,000km. Last year I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to pick up one of the last manual Vespas to come into Australia from Italy. Better still it had only 300km on the clock and I got it for the original price including 6 months rego.
I have just returned from Daylesford, Vic. where I attended a Classic Scooter Rally. (Here is the poster for the rally. Elwyn).
Talk about a buzz! (In both senses of the word, I’d reckon! Elwyn). Riding in a convoy of over 250 2-stroke machines dating back to the late 50s was awesome! The photo here is of some of the pack negotiating the Westgate Bridge. I’m fourth from the back on the right side with a wooden wine-crate as a top-box.
The cloud of blue 2-stroke made one think they were at a “Jim's Mower Convention”, as can be seen in this photo of the group starting off in South Melbourne.
The people of Daylesford gave us a warm welcome, lining the main street and cheering as we rode in en-masse. There was a similar response from the inhabitants of Ballarat when we rode there on the Sunday, for lunch.
Although the ride given by 10” wheels is a lot more “lively” than that of the Scarabeo, I enjoy the older technology as an alternative and was impressed how the little 2-stroke performed for the just over 1000km trip from Tassie.

I find classic/veteran cars, motorcycles, and motor-scooters fascinating and love to see examples of early models still in operation. At the same time, for my commuting and touring I ride a big wheel, 460cc Scarabeo and enjoy the practicality, reliability and protection such a scooter gives. But I also enjoy riding my PX200 and talking with fellow riders who have made interesting modifications to overcome limitations that aged technology provides.

Thanks for the story, Mike. I like to see the older technology alive and well and out on the roads too. There is more character, somehow, to the older machinery. I’m sure you will get a lot of enjoyable motoring from the classic scoot!
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