This is another section that was inspired by contacts from readers. Over the years I've been running the site, I've had lots of emails from people telling me about their bikes. These have been very interesting (I'm always interested in people's bikes, no matter what they are!), and some details have been published on the Feedback pages. As I said, all were interesting, but some were particularly so; like Peter's much-modified Yamaha XS1100, and Aussie's 1981 Suzuki GS1000G which he has owned since new, and so on. Brief details went onto the Feedback pages, but they really deserved more.
I should have set this section up when I first started getting these emails, but what really got me thinking about it was when I asked a couple of readers for comments about their bikes for the "Oldies Can Be Goldies" article. They sent me their comments, but also stories behind them that really deserved putting up for all to read. And so the idea of running this separate section was born.
The idea for this section might've been inspired by comments on older bikes, but this section is not just for older bikes. It's for all bikes! We all buy bikes for a reason; and to us they are more than just two wheels and a motor and bits of steel and plastic in between. It doesn't matter whether it's an exotic European super-bike, or a 10-year old Postie bike; they're all special to us, and they all have a story! And that story is worth telling, because other people are interested! (Well, if they're anything like me, they are!).
So, please send me the story of your bike! As I've said, it doesn't have to be anything exotic; all bikes are interesting! And the reason people buy them, and the stories of what they do with them, are all interesting. And that's what you'll read about here.
I'll list the stories basically in the order I receive them. I won't try to index them in alphabetical order as I've done with the other pages.
There's another section, which you might have seen listed on the front, that is similar to this. Reader's Rides." This is where you can read stories of what our readers have been doing with their bikes. Click here (or the button down the bottom) to check it out too.
A great story, spanning about 30 years. With photos!
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A back-yard garage in Seattle produces a bike that Yamaha never did!
After years of trail-bikes, Tim takes to the road on a big naked.
A bike that is "thrust upon him" becomes "a love affair for life!"
A reader swaps his mid-size sports-bike for the big Bandit. See how it turned out.
The story of a lost love - from 45 years ago!
A classic 1977 Suzuki GS750, and a Yamaha XVS1100.
What a rig this is! And an iconic Japanese big-bore bike.
The story of how one reader went from a step-through to a Honda Goldwing.
Have you ever seen this much luggage on a bike?
When Michael went looking for a new bike he found the best choice was what he already had!
A legend of speedway talks about his career and his Suzuki Burgman 650 scoot.
Daryl finds that the latest is not always the greatest.
Paul down-sizes his fleet and buys a big Suzuki - it's his third GSX1400!
Paul (who told of his new GSX 1400 above) tells us about his Dad's new bike.
This is Peter's story of his ST1300, but it's a very detailed review of the bike too!
Paul tells of how he got into bikes, and ended up with the big Yammie.
His wife describes it as "ugly" and "a hoon-bike", but Chris loves it!
Paul down-sizes his "fleet" and up-grades to the latest model Hyabusa.
Barry buys the bike of his dreams - but how much for a brake-lever?!
Bill reckons he needs to slow down a bit, and swaps his retro naked for a cruiser.
Russ swaps his GSX1400 for a mid-sizer. See why, and the reason he chose the Gladius.
Mark tells us about his MV Agusta, and a whole lot of other bikes he's owned.
Thierry tells us about Yamaha's versatile all-roads sportstourer.
Geoffrey has a Fireblade and a dirt-bike. So why an XJR? Here he tells us all about it.
In the end it was a Yamaha traded on a Yamaha, but only after riding many other bikes.
Regular reader Paul swaps a Suzuki Hyabusa for a Suzuki V-Strom.
Pino tells us about his pair of parallel twins.
Peter trades his TDM for a scooter, and takes it for a good ride to try it out.
Paul buys one of these unique 3-wheelers, and tells us all about it.
Thierry swaps his TDM900 (see above) for a retro-naked.
Joe tells us of his latest purchase, and also of the interesting bikes that preceded it.
A reader gets back into riding again, on one of Yamaha's cruisers.
Pino, who told us about his pair of vertical twins, has added a cruiser to the fleet.
Phil takes a rusted wreck that was once a race-bike and restores it to its former glory.
Anthony has fallen in love with riding again; it's just a pity it took a nasty accident to do it!
Otto tells us about the "goodbyes" that have followed his "good buys"!
Robert started riding in 1974, and since then has owned an amazing variety of bikes.
Paul goes through a long process to find a replacement for his beloved Yamaha FJR.
Evan has just added a new bike to his collection - and he says it's the best one yet!
Dave buys something totally unsuitable for us old blokes - and loves it!!
Ken tells us the story of his bikes, and explains how his Yamaha XJ900 is the perfect for for him.
Anthony realises his long-held dream of owning a Ducati Monster - and what a great one it is too!
Andrew inherits a scooter - and has his whole view of motorcycling changed!