The main update has been to my Blog page and the Feedback page. My Blog has items about good weather for riding, and more importantly, new 2-stroke engines for off-road bikes, and a show-and-shine (with photos!) put on by a local dealer, and details and photos of re-upholstered seats. There's also an interesting comparison of helmets, rating them for protection as well as comfort. There's also a link to an excellent article on SMIDSY - when perhaps the driver is not quite as much to blame as we usually say. And other interesting stuff! 
The Feedback page has comments from you, our readers, on a varietry of issues, including scooters, the helmet comparison I mentioned above, and the item on re-upholstered seats. (Those last two items had appeared first on my Facebook page and the comments came from there).

Remember, I also have a Facebook page! There's more day-to-day stuff (no, I don't post up-dates of what I'm having for breakfast or every time I go to the loo!), and also bigger photos and more of them. Check it out! Click here. (You'll see a Facebook button down the bottom of the front page that will take you straight there now too).

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