We've got another ride story for you: a reader and his mates go to Phillip Island for the MotoGP. He writes about the trip, and the watching the races part too.

There have been updates to My Blog. There are lots of new entries, including tips for buying a helmet, rituaols when riding (or stopping actually), a link to some great photos from the EICMA international bike show, and more; including my continuing back trouble that has been keeping me off the bike a lot. 
The Feedback page has more interesting new comments from you, our readers, on issues like down-sizing, police holiday blitzes making it more dangerouson our roads, and more.

The most recent road test was of the Indian Scout. It's the biggest-selling model in their range; and I liked it! I also delve back into the history of the famous brand too, just for  bit of extra information.
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