Paul told us the story of his bikes in a previous article. At that stage he had two bikes, a Suzuki M109R and a Honda Goldwing. Not too long after that, the M109R was traded on a Suzuki Hyabusa. You can see that in the photo on the left. Then he added a third, a Honda Hornet 900, which he used as a commuter.
Recently he wrote to tell me there’d been a reduction in the fleet. “There has been a down size in my collection of motorcycles. The Goldwing and the Hornet made way for a New Suzuki GSX 1400.
The new bike is actually his third GSX1400.
The first one he bought was a 2nd-hand one which he liked so much he later traded it on a brand newie. And now, after having traded it onthe big cruiser, he's come back to the same model bike. Yes, he obviously likes the GSX! (Was my awarding it top spot in my Big-Bore Nakeds Comparison a reminder of how good they are?). Paul explains, “The 1400 is a perfect bike to pillion with (which was the reason the Goldwing was purchased), but a lot easier to manouvre about, being approx half the weight. It will also make a great commuter thus replacing the Hornet and eliminating one registration and insurance in the process.”
Paul had originally swapped the GSX for the M109R because a problem with his hip had made riding the GSX difficult. However this problem appears to have settled down, even when riding the more sporty Hyabusa.
Paul continues, “So this now makes the third 1400 that I have owned. When I collected the 1400 it was like being reunited with an old friend! It is strange how a certain bike and past memories stay with you.
“GSX no:3 is a 2009, the Special Edition and the last of the GSX 1400 to be released.
Paul was able to shed some light on the previous rumours that the GSX was going to be discontinued, only to see it carry on in slightly up-dated form. “I asked the guys at Springwood Suzuki what will replace the 1400 and they said the 1250 Bandit was intended to replace the 1400 but the 1400 keeps selling. So when there are no new ones left the Bandit may be the only option for a larger naked bike from Suzuki.”
So there you have it. If you want one of these big naked Suzukis (Paul will tell you they’re a good thing, and I like them!), you’d better get in quick!
The comparison between the Hyabusa and the GSX1400 is interesting to observe in the photos. Very different style bikes; and the GSX almost makes the Hyabusa look "small!"
Paul reckons this one is a “long-termer” and he has no plans to be changing again any time soon. I reckon he's onto a good thing too!
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