Paul has previously told us about his bikes. He’s had a few of them! And interesting bikes they’ve been too.
But there were more to come after that article, including a Honda CB900 (which was later sold), a Suzuki Hyabusa, and a Suzuki GSX1400, which was actually the third one of those he’d owned. He said he’d never sell it. Well, what’s that old saying about never saying “never”? He wrote to tell me that the Suzuki went to make way for a brand new Hyabusa.
Yes, he had one of those, but the new model is better! I’ll let him tell you about it.
The change occurred due to me having a few health problems. So I was looking at reducing the cost of keeping two motorcycles – costs such as rego, insurance and the services required. I thought about which bike to keep. I enjoyed both bikes but I realised that I was riding the Hayabusa more than the GSX 1400.
I then spoke to the guys at Springwood Suzuki where I buy my bikes from. I then realised that if I was to combine both bikes I could purchase a new 2010 Hayabusa. This way I get to have a new bike, and one I feel very comfortable with in the 'Busa.
So after saying I would not ever sell the 1400 (I should never say never!), the 1400 was sold. I received a terrific deal from Suzuki and am now a very proud owner of a white 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa.
The pics here were taken just prior to Dad and I setting out on our Sunday ride. (Dad’s bike is a Suzuki Burgman).
It has now been a month and 1,000kms since I bought my new Hayabusa. I have fitted a Ventura rack and bag to the bike, which I can also change with the RJAYS top box that is mounted onto the Ventura sport rack. (This is the box and rack which I used on my other Hayabusa and GSX 1400). The screen on my bike is the double bubble screen. I have also fitted a Suzuki Gel Seat which seems to give a bit more support than the stock seat.
The 2010 Hayabusa feels a lot more refined than the 2007 in slow moving traffic with a smoother throttle action. Also the road holding is very good.
The riding position may not suit everyone. There is an option to fit Helibars to alter the handle bar position but I haven't found the riding position to be a problem.

So, another new ride for Paul. And a great looking bike, isn’t it! I hope you enjoy the big ‘Busa, Paul.
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