When Paul joined our regular readers he was riding a Triumph Sprint. That caught my attention, because it’s a bike I like, and at the time, a model I had desires of buying. Then he sold it and bought a Suzuki GSX1400; quite a change! That impressed him so much he bought a new one. Then that was replaced by a Suzuki M109R. So, from a Brit sports-tourer to a Jap naked and then a big Jap cruiser!
It was a fascinating journey, so I was interested to hear more. And Paul kindly wrote in with not just the story of his current bike, but a complete history of all the bikes he has had. As you’ll see, bikes have featured prominently in the lives of other family members too. It’s a great story!
My motorcycle ownership started with a Honda C50. After pestering my parents into letting me buy a bike, the C50 was found by my dad after he mentioned to a work mate that I wanted a bike. Due to UK law I was unable to ride the C50 as it wasn’t classed as a moped (16-year-olds were restricted to 49cc and the bike had to have pedals). So the C50 was traded for a Honda SS50.
The SS50 although small still looked like a motorcycle and was a step up from a pushbike!
My SS50 soon made way for a Suzuki B120; not the most stylish bike Suzuki brought out! (My first bike was a Suzuki A100, which was very similar in styling. Elwyn). The B120 proved to be a very sturdy reliable commuter.
Soon after, the B120 was sold to a mate and was replaced with a new Suzuki GP100. This was early 1980’s. (And a much better looking bike than the "B" and "A" models! Elwyn). I kept this bike until I was ready to emigrate to Australia.
My bike ownership then “stalled” until my brother-in-law announced that he had just completed his Q-ride motorcycle licence, which got me thinking of bikes again.
And I decided to enroll in motorcycle lessons; due to the length of time since I had ridden. After doing my lessons and passing my Q-ride test, I started to look for a bike. I knew I didn’t want or need an ultra fast sport bike. What I wanted was a bike to travel with; and I found this in a second-hand Kawasaki GTR1000. It was a great bike; being comfortable and reliable.
On my occasional trips to various bike shops I found a Triumph Sprint ST;  at the same dealer I bought my GTR from. Once again, the Triumph gave me everything I wanted. Funny how the bike you own at the time is just right until something else catches your eye!
This was how the 2001 Suzuki GSX 1400 came along. I had a tank-bag for sale and sold it to a guy who turned up on a Suzuki GSX 1400. I thought, what a great bike! So over an Easter weekend I spotted a GSX 1400 sitting in front of a Yamaha Dealer. A test-ride later and a deal was done! I really liked the big naked 1400; so much so that 6 months later I bought a 2007 GSX 1400 which I did my Brisbane to Sydney Trip on. (This is the bike, ready to leave on that trip).
The Suzuki GSX1400 is an excellent bike; great for everyday riding and touring. A mate of mine also owned one and the trips we did on those bikes are the rides that make memories that last a life-time!
It is here that the Suzuki M109R arrives. My mate with the GSX 1400 had bought a 2008 M109R and said for me to try it. I’m always hesitant riding mates bikes, so on a rostered day off from work in June 08 I headed down to Tony Armstrong Suzuki (where I bought my 07 GSX 1400) for a “coffee.” That is where I spotted my black 2007 Suzuki M109R. It had just 2,500 kms on it. After a test ride a deal was worked out and by 4.30pm on the Tuesday afternoon I am now the proud owner of an excellent cruiser!
I have added a few items to my M109R; a sissy bar and rack, engine protection bars, sport screen, and Gel seat. These things make a great bike a bit more comfortable.
The M109R is a heavy bike, at around 350 kilos. Although the weight is down low, you do tend to pick where and how you park it.
The bike has a 27 litre fuel tank, so a decent ride can be had before the fuel light flashes on. I really enjoy the M109R, particularly for the riding position, which is comfortable for a full day’s riding. I still find it amusing when out for a ride as cars pass and children look across and wave.
I have now added a stable-mate for my Suzuki M109R. It is a bike which I have long looked at and thought "one day…!"  The bike is a 1989/90 Honda Goldwing GL 1500/6. It is in excellent condition for its age.
I took the bike for its first run and was amazed at the attention it got as it cruised down the highway. It was quite surprising too that, for such a large bike, it is quite easy to manouvre. (I must say the reverse gear does help!).
I will be using the ‘Wing for holidays and weekends away, then using my M109R for solo rides and day rides.
There are other bikes in our family; mainly Suzukis. Here's a list of them.

Suzuki GS 500F – Dad
Suzuki Intruder  250 –Sister
Suzuki GSX 650 – Brother-in-law
Honda CBR 250 – Nephew
Suzuki M50 – Brother-in-law
Jarjeu  Scooter 150 – Sister
Suzuki Intruder 250 – Nephew

  Quite a collection when we all get out for a ride together!
So, that is how I went from my first motorcycle to my current bike and the bikes in our family.

Well, there it is – the story of how one man went from a step-through to a Goldwing. Two Hondas that couldn’t be further apart! There is one thing they have in common though; they were both bought by someone who was enthusiastic about them, and enthusiastic about riding them! Throw in an equally enthusiastic family and I reckon there must be some great times on the road for all of them! Thanks Paul!
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