Paul, who has written in about his collection of bikes, and more recently his GSX1400, wrote to tell me that his father (mentioned in the original article) had sold his Suzuki GS 500F and bought a 2006 Suzuki Burgman AN650. Paul explains.
“He wanted to step up to a slightly larger bike, but also a bike which he could take Mum on. The seat height suits him and the ability to ride in automatic or in manual mode is a great benefit. The riding position allows Dad to ride in a sit-up position or stretch his legs forward in a "cruiser" style, and the under-seat storage is great."
Paul says that the bike is in exceptional condition and "a credit to the previous owner.”
Sounds good doesn’t it! And I know Keith would certainly agree with the choice of bike. Paul added, “Maybe this could be a bike that will be passed down from father to son!” And the son would probably like it!
Paul says that one of the things that made his father consider the Burgman was that he owned a Triumph scooter, of 250cc, back in the 1960s' and really enjoyed it. As he said, the memories of a previous bike have influenced the purchase of his new bike (the GSX 1400), so memories of a good experience make a very persuasive reason for buying another similar machine.
Paul said, “Dad turned 70 this year and it is great to spend time riding together; not just as father and son but as best mates.” I really admire (and envy) that! Family is a big part of my life, and very important to me. My father passed away many years ago, but I still miss him. Neither of my children ride, so I’m not able to share this activity with them. (Although one son-in-law had a road-bike for a while and we used to go riding together).
Anyway Paul, I hope you and your Dad have many enjoyable years together riding together!
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