Paul wrote in with a story about a trip he did with his father. (You can read about his bikes, and bikes owned by members of his family here).
It's a great story, not because the trip was anything particularly spectacular, but the sort of trip that reminds you what is so great about bikes! You don't have to go interstate, and you don't have to do a long tour. Just a relatively short trip with good company (and family is even better!) can be a trip that you always remember.
That's Paul in the photo on the left, with his Honda Goldwing. His father's Suzuki GS500F sits alongside ready to start the ride. Here is his story.

With the long weekend here we had decided to use the weekend to have a weekend away. The plan was to ride up to Yandina on the Sunshine Coast on the Sunday morning. I would ride my Goldwing and take my Mum as pillion, and Dad would ride his GS500F. Then find somewhere to stay and ride back on the Monday.
I filled up the Goldwing on Sunday morning. Just as I was about to head back home to pick Mum and Dad up, a massive thunder storm rolled in. Mum had picked up a bad cold and said she wouldn't come with us; due to the cold she had and the weather. As the weather cleared Dad and I decided to still head up to Yandina.
Dad and I travelled up the Gateway arterial heading north leaving the storms behind us. We stopped at the BP service station at Morayfield/Caboolture on the Bruce Highway for a coffee and a pie, then rode up to the Nambour connection Road towards Yandina.
Now the reason for our trip, other than a ride, is there is a winery at Yandina called The Little Morgue Winery. Previously a working morgue, it produces a range of quality hand-crafted wines.
We bought our wine it is a white wine with the name "A TOUCH O' COFFIN".
As Mum hadn't managed to make this trip, we decided to head back. We stopped on the way back down the Bruce H'wy for a break and a cold drink. On the way back the minor squeak that the Goldwing had (one of those annoying squeaks) stopped, as did the speedo! So it was a steady trip home behind Dad. I removed the speedo cable when I got home and found it had seized, so I will order a new cable.
A great day ride with my dad and a few bottles of excellent wine. Dad really enjoyed the ride it was great to spend the day riding with him.
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