Phil Hall has contributed a couple of stories to the site – well, actually to his web-site, which I have linked to from here. The last story was about a long day-trip in a car. (But the trip was all about a bike, and the car had a bike trailering along behind for most of the way, so it was still appropriate). This story is a proper ride story: on bikes, and spread out over most of a week.
There is some background to this, alluded to in the story, which I should explain. Phil had a nasty accident a bit over 4 years previous to this story. His right side hit a truck. Yes, very nasty! That has left him with a somewhat dodgy right leg. It took a couple of years before he could get back on the bike (a different bike, of course), and since then he has been gradually increasing the distance he has been riding. Not too long before this ride he did an over-night ride with his brother; doing a commendable distance on each day in the process. No doubt that was the catalyst for doing this one.
Again, I haven’t tried to reproduce the story here, but just provide the link that will take you to his web-site where you can read the story and look at the pictures. It’s a good read! Click here.

Thanks for the story, Phil! Sounds like you had a great time! The story proves again the value of having a riding companion who knows your riding style and is considerate of your needs. When you ride together with peopel like that the trip is almost bound to be a good one!
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