This is an extension of the "Me And My Bike" page; telling the stories of what readers have been doing with their bikes!
Some of these stories are quite short - just notes that readers have sent in about a particular ride they did which I thought were worth putting up here. Others are more complete articles, with photos and so on.
Please feel welcome to write in with a story of any interesting rides you've done. And, as you'll see from some of the stories here, it doesn't have to be a ride you've done lately; at least one of the rides happened over 20 years ago!
The "Rides In Brief" section is just that - brief notes about rides. The other more complete stories of rides are listed below. 
As explained above, these are short stories - but not necessarily short rides!
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Steve sets off on his new Suzuki DR650, to Tasmania.
Tony takes his new Bandit through the area ravaged by "Black Saturday" bushfires.
Possum takes a scooter on a 3-day trip - with pillion.
Paul and his father do an enjoyable ride to a winery.
Russ and his brother Steve take a trip through some great biking country.
Our intrepid traveler, Steve, goes over-seas to ride - in Borneo! Read about his trip, and tips.
Aussie tells about his most memorable rally ever. Read - and have a chuckle - at why!
Peter does a "half-way-round" circuit of Australia. And has to change bike mid-journey!
Port Stephens branch of the Ulysses Club have regular weekly rides. Here are a couple of them.
The Port Stephens group again, this time an over-night trip to Tamworth.
Another reader does an Around Australia trip - or, as he puts it, "A Lap Of The Island."
A rider in the U.K. braves a frozen bike and blizzard conditions, just to ride to work.
Robert takes up riding motorbikes, and proceeds to ride Australia and all over the world!
Ian takes his Suzuki cruiser from Sydney to Perth and back.
Ron and some trail-riding mates do the big trail-ride to the tip of Cape York.
Some interstate trips are a joy. Others are, well, like this one!
As much about the destination as the trip. An interesting biker's pub with lots of history.
Michael takes his new Vespa to a Classic Scooter Rally.
Rod goes to The Snowy Ride - along some great riding roads!
Barry takes his yellow Goldwing around the country.
JT has an interesting encounter with the local constabulary.
Geoffrey buys a bike interstate and decides to ride it home. And discovers what he's bought.
Michael takes his Aprilia scooter on a journey of almost 4,000km from Tasmania to Queensland.
A good friend does the big trip around the country. Some useful tips here too.
Pino's trip - from Qld! - involved rain, more rain, the threat of snow, and an injured rider. And more!
Michael and his wife take a tour through the Victorian High Country and way beyond.
Ron's story of his trip to the iconic north-west corner of NSW. With a "buggered knee"!
Michael and his son head to an historic site - on the busiest weekend of the year!
Michael is on the road again, to what he reckons is an appropriately named town!
Geoff begins his retirement with a motorcycle trip through the Andes.
Norm sets out to complete a trip around Australia that he began 50 years previously.
Geoff, who previously told us about his Andes trip, has now been on tour through Turkey.
Terry has been on a lot of great trips; here are some photos of some of the places he's been.
This was actually in a car, but a bike was involved - in fact it was the reason for the trip.
Sharon organises a group ride, but gets beaten by the heat. Scary stuff, actually!
Phil and his brother take their Honda VFRs on an interstate trip.
Frans takes on a challenge - to ride more than 1600km in one day - on a mid-size scooter!
A well-organised group ride turns into total disarray - and frustrates the dedicated ride-leader!
Iceland might seem an unlikely place to go riding, but Geoff thought it sounded good, and joined a tour. Read his great story.
Our intrepid traveller, Geoff, has been on tour again, this time in Europe. Another great story!
Phil takes off on a 3-day group ride, but ends up on day 1 doing an almost 900km ride through pain and disappointment.  
John takes his BMW K1300S on a trip through the Snowies and north Victoria.
Our intrepid world traveller, Geoff, has been touring again; this time the beautiful Balkans. A fabulous trip, and a great story!
Our intrepid world traveller heads to Tasmania with a couple of overseas riding friends. It doesn't all go quite to plan though.
Phil takes his newly-acquired bike for a ride - on one of the hottest days of the year!
Geoff has been riding again - this time in Australia though.He journeys to The Kimberley. A great ride story!
Chris and some mates take a ride to Phillip Island for the 2017 MotoGP.
A story of a ride to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic 1942 Harley WLA.