Robert describes himself  in these words. “Robert Crick doesn’t call himself a seasoned motorcyclist. He’s relatively new to the motorised two-wheeled vehicle. In fact, he had already entered his seventh decade before he even thought of motorcycling as a pastime.
He thinks it had something to do with retiring and the need to do something a bit ‘out there’;  with having been traumatised over the years from the worry of having sons who rode motorcycles – much to his chagrin; and, no doubt, with his wife’s deciding she wanted a better life and subsequently heading off with someone to seek it.”
Something like, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" I suppose!
He says he has covered more than 120,000km on nine bikes in four countries spanning four continents. Wow! That's quite an achievement; especially as he has only been riding for a few short years!
On the local front, he embarked on a “big trip north”, which was up through the centre to Darwin, then back through Queensland and central NSW. And he didn’t just stick to the bitumen! In what I reckon was a display of considerable bravery, he tackled some outback tracks on his BMW F800ST. The photo on the left was taken on that trip. Credit goes to him and the bike for surviving and accomplishing the ride!
On the international scene, he’s done a few tours with the Ferris Wheels organisation, riding in Rajasthan, Turkey, and Morocco. And more!
So you’d reckon he might have a few stories to tell wouldn’t you. And he does! He’s set up a web-site to tell the stories of his travels. He tells the stories very well, and there are lots of photos and even some videos. It’s a fascinating read!
I won’t try to reproduce any of the stories here; much better for you to visit the site and read for yourself. The site is at
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