Russ lives just south of Wollongong, and his brother, Steve, in the southern suburbs of Sydney. They have relatives in the Northern NSW area and decided on a bike trip up to see them. They rode up together, but then went separate ways; Russ having another commitment, and Steve needing to be home for work.
Both have relatively newly-purchased bikes; Russ a Suzuki GSX1400, and Steve a Honda VFR800. It was a good opportunity to take them on tour. This is the Suzuki on the left, loaded and ready to roll.
Steve sent me an email when he got back. This is his story of the ride.
The weather stayed good and the trip was great! Could not have had it any better! There were no problems with the bikes of course.
We went the old highway to Terrigal. (This is a well-loved biking road, although it is now speed-limited to 60kph; and the once famous Road Warrior’s Cafe has now gone. Elwyn).
The 60 zone north of the Hawkesbury is a pain but the surface has been renewed lately so it’s nice and easy. We stayed a night at Terrigal and then followed the coast to Newcastle.
We then went straight up the Pacific to Nabiac. The photo on the left was taken at Nabiac. (Nabiac is the site of a great motorcycle museum. Elwyn). We then went off to Forster.
I rode with a mate over to Gloucester. The road is choppy and bumpy until Krambach.
Then I went down Buckett's Way to Booral. The road along here is being upgraded in parts, and is pretty good overall.
Then I went across the mountain to Buladelah. This was a challenging stretch of road; narrow, winding, and bumpy.
I had lunch there and then went back to Forster by the Lakes Way. The Lakes Way still has some B grade sections at the Buladelah end, but overall it's better than it used to be.
The photo on the left was taken at a lookout near Gloucester.
I did a quick visit to an old aunt in Taree, then back down Buckett's Way again to call in on a mate on the central coast, and home via the old highway again.
I did 1300km and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Now to start planning the next one!
Thanks, Steve. Sounds like a great trip doesn't it! And looks like a great trip too, from the photos. Here are a few more photos of the trip. I just love the country - the small towns, the wide open country, the friendliness and laid-back attitude of the people. So all this looks much appealing to me!
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