This pictorial display came about due to me browsing through photos Terry had on his Facebook page. He’s been on some great trips, and had some great photos of  his travels. A story of one of the trips might come, (hint, hint, Terry!), but I thought it would be good to grab some photos and put them here as a pictorial display of some of the places where he has been. So here they are.
I must firstly apologise that what you see here is all you get; I haven’t worked out how to make these thumbnails that will expand to the larger photo when you click on them. That’s unfortunate because the photos do lose a lot of their glory by being reduced to this size. But I hope you’ll appreciate them – and their showing where Terry has been – anyway.
I’ll put a description of what the photos are above each line, going from left to right. I wasn’t sure how to group them, so I’ve just put them basically in alphabetical order. You'll notice that at times he is riding a Triumph Sprint ST and at other times a Yamaha XJR1300. The Yamaha is the latest bike.
The first one is above Alice Springs; the next at the famous Silverton Hotel, and then a photo of autumn in the NSW Southern Highlands.
On the road between Mt Isa and Longreach: Terry said he didn’t move the bars for 200km! The next one is at Birdwood S.A. and the last one at the Bloomberg Hotel in S.A. (I love the truck on the roof!).
The first two are at Boorowa, and then the last one is on the border between NSW and S.A.
Broken Hill, Bungendore and Burrawang are the three we have here. (Are we beginning to see a theme developing here?).
Another pub, (so there is a theme!), this one quite a famous one at Dalgety. Next shot was at the Devils Marbles near Tennant Creek, and the last one Goolwa, S.A.
The first two you might recognise as the famous Great Ocean Road. The last one is at Handorf in S.A.
Terry’s back at pubs again – this time at Dunedoo and then Eugowra. The last photo was taken on one of his many Snowy Rides; this one on the famous Alpine Way.
The first one is another from a Snowy Ride, then we have him just outside Crookwell: it was in June and he said it was very cold! The last one is, of course, at Mt. Panorama, Bathurst.
The first two were taken at the Birdswood Motor Museum in S.A. The Landrover is the first one owned by the Leyland Brothers. (Mike and Mal, not the people who took over the manufacturers!). The last one is at Peterborough in S.A.
The first one is at the tiny historic town of Sofala in NSW. The next is in the Adelaide Hills. And the final one is at Wollongong, close to where he lives. 
Thanks Terry. Sorry I couldn’t put the full size photos up (I’ll work on that!), but I’m sure people will have enjoyed seeing all these places where you’ve ridden to, just as I did.
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